The eyes reveal our systemic health. Our systemic health impacts our eyes. Each reflects the other. Nearly every organ system in the body is contained within, and directly influences, the ocular system. The eye is the only organ that serves as a window, through which the state of overall health can be directly visualized. SEE BENEATH THE SURFACE. Dr. Kirsten Froese-Loewen is an optometrist who offers eye care and contact lenses for all ages and has a special interest in dry eye and chronic conditions. Kirsten also advises those with auto-immune disease and intestinal ailments, such as unresponsive or refractory celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. Froese-Loewen practices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is licensed in the province of Alberta. Aside: Kirsten previously practiced as Dr. Kirsten Thompson and returned to her maiden name of Froese in 2002. Kirsten has suffered from dry eye since the age of 16 and intestinal ailments from infancy. She refuses to treat "symptoms only" and is driven to find the core causes of symptoms, whether local or systemic. With her continued quest for knowledge, personal experience, and genuine care for others, Dr. Froese-Loewen aspires to positively affect other's vision, health, and lives. . . Dr. Froese-Loewen is a particularly effective health care practitioner due her combination of: - Extensive training - Special interest - Personal experience - Time-intensive and care-intensive approach.

Training and Special Interest

Dr. Kirsten Froese-Loewen is in her twelfth year of conscientious optometric practice and has 8 years of university education: - Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Zoology from the University of Calgary. - Doctor of Optometry (OD) with High Honours from the University of California at Berkeley. Kirsten has wanted to be an optometrist since the age of 10 and has had a keen interest in dry eye and contact lenses for over 20 years. She is constantly searching for the most effective theory, testing, treatments, and contact lens and refractive surgery options for her patients.

Personal Experience

Dr. Kirsten Froese-Loewen has personally suffered from dry eye since the age of 16, as well as other eye conditions: high myopia, astigmatism, contact lens intolerance and complications, and allergic conjunctivitis. Having experienced intestinal ailments from infancy, Kirsten has also suffered from unresponsive celiac disease (an auto-immune disease). Dr. Froese-Loewen knows first-hand the relationship between our eyes and our body. She understands how difficult chronic illness is on the sufferer - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kirsten's story is a common one. Once an international-level athlete, Kirsten's health declined in her 20's. Despite seeking varied health care practitioners, she was eventually diagnosed with an auto-immune disease (celiac disease) in her 30's. Unresponsive to a gluten-free diet, Kirsten was eventually forced to take time off of practice due to continued illness. She has worked long and hard to uncover the causes of her illness and is grateful to be vibrant and healthy again.Sadly, this type of story is not uncommon. Many individuals are symptomatic in their younger years, repeatedly mis-diagnosed, and eventually diagnosed with an auto-immune or degenerative disease later in life. Early diagnosis is critical.

Specific Conditions

Dr. Kirsten Froese-Loewen has a special interest in the following eye-related conditions: - Dry eye disease - Sjogren's syndrome - Chronic red eye - Inflammatory ocular conditions - blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, iritis, uveitis, episcleritis, and scleritis - Contact lens intolerance and complications - Improving ocular surface health in preparation for refractive surgery - Allergic conjunctivitis and hayfever - Headaches - Light-sensitivity - Postural hypotension (light-headedness upon standing) - Fatigue, weakness, and depression - Auto-immune conditions - celiac disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, other - Intestinal ailments - irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, food allergies, other - Hormonal ailments - irregular menses, menstrual pain, PMS, difficult menopause, other. Revisit your chronic symptoms and conditions.

Approach and Philosophy

Dr. Kirsten Froese-Loewen insists on practicing one way - effectively. She takes the time and the care necessary to get to the core of her patient's ailments. Her assessment starts with an extensive health history and symptom inventory. This is followed by a thorough microscopic examination, with various vital dyes and current diagnostic techniques. Upon analysis of the above information, a detailed and individualized management plan is formulated. Dr. Froese-Loewen only recommends testing and treatments that she has clinically and personally proven effective. Your time and money will be spent wisely. To promote optimal healing, Dr. Froese-Loewen is interested in integrating multiple realms: mainstream and alternative medicine, pharmaceutical and natural regimens, physical and emotional factors. Kirsten values working together with her patient's present health care practitioners, whether they be medical doctors, medical specialists, naturopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, or other. Dr. Kirsten Froese-Loewen practices by these basic philosophies: - Symptoms represent end-stage physiological dysfunction and are the final warning system before overt disease. Chronic symptoms should not be tolerated and need to be explored. - The younger the individual with chronic symptoms, the greater the potential for serious and irreversible damage. The sooner an individual gets to the core cause of their symptoms, the less potential for future illness, auto-immune disease, and chronic degenerative disease. - Stress and inflammation can be overt (observable) or subclinical (hidden). Uncovering all sources of physiological stress and inflammation in the body is critical to restore optimal health and prevent triggering of auto-immune and chronic degenerative disease. - Integrating the science and the art of healing.

Mission Statement

Dr. Kirsten Froese-Loewen's mission is to: 1. Search for the core etiologies (causes) of a condition, whether local or systemic. To identify the causes to the highest level of specificity possible and in a manner that will most effectively decrease the time course of a condition. 2. Exhaust all ocular treatments and do all that is possible on a local level. 3. Care for the entire individual, not just their eyes. When systemic etiology is suspected, educate, identify, and refer to a progressive health care practitioner. Use the strengths of many. 4. Give- effective care, really listen, take time, assess in detail, communicate honestly, educate clearly, follow-up carefully, and self-empower others. 5. Encourage others to listen to their body, mind, and soul and to trust their innate ability to self-heal. 6. Never stop searching for new theory, diagnostics, and treatments. 7. Perform all of the above in accordance with the Canada Health Professions Act (HPA) and the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the Alberta College of Optometrists (ACO) and the Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO).